Contingent Search vs. Retained Search – A Quick Tutorial

Finding the right talent isn’t easy.  When the demand exceeds the internal capabilities of a company, the talent acquisition manager often solicits outside assistance from a search firm.  There are generally two types of search firms, contingent and retained.We are sometimes asked which is better.  The short answer is it depends.  If you’re looking for a [...]

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Things To Avoid In A Job Interview

Discussions about pay, benefits, or vacation are never a good idea during the first interview. Employers need to know that you are focused on this position because you believe working with the company is a truly good fit with your interests and background - not because you are looking for a specific salary, benefits, or [...]

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How To Respond When You Don’t Have The Answers

How should you respond to your employees when you don’t have the answers? When you lead a team, especially in uncertain times, your employees often come to you for guidance, context, and clarity. And while sometimes you’ll have the right information and useful updates to share, there will undoubtedly be cases when you simply don’t [...]

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Your Career is Important – Get All of the Information

I started the From Academia to Industry (trademark) educational program in 2016. It was designed to provide unbiased information presented by top physicians who are in the pharma industry to Oncology Fellows and Attendings about careers in industry I have spoken to many hundreds of physicians since then and thousands over my career. Many have [...]

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Interview Gem, Use Short Concise , Action -Oriented Answers

OK, you have scored the interview. Great job so far. You are professionally dressed; you have researched the company. You have gone over your background to be ready for any question; You know how to handle the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question (See last post or ask me to resend it to you) How [...]

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