The Most Botched Interview Question

The date and time have been set for your very important discussion about a key opportunity. You really want this job and have thoroughly prepared for the interview. You’re ready for every question – except one. The interviewer comes into your session late and is not prepared. She has not even looked at your resume. [...]

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An Onboarding Story

Janet Cochran was just pulling into the parking lot of Rock Pharmaceuticals when she glanced at her watch.  8:30 on the dot.  She’d have plenty of time to get through security and be on time for her first day of work.   It had been a long drive from Pennsylvania to Northern New Jersey.  Thank [...]

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Effective onboarding of new team members is critical to the long-term success of the organization.  Successful onboarding drives employee productivity accelerates delivery of results and significantly improves talent retention – all contributing to bottom-line productivity.  Yet few organizations manage the different pieces of onboarding in a strategic, integrated, and consistent manner. The first step [...]

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