I started the From Academia to Industry (trademark) educational program in 2016. It was designed to provide unbiased information presented by top physicians who are in the pharma industry to Oncology Fellows and Attendings about careers in industry I have spoken to many hundreds of physicians since then and thousands over my career. Many have chosen to continue their careers in academia, but all have appreciated the information and said it has been valuable in their decision making. Yes, we also do retained search, but a successful hire is about fit, and what is best for both parties over the long term. I believe this program has helped with that. And frankly, I really enjoy helping a little bit with career planning. We have recently expanded the program to include Infectious Disease Fellows and those interested in a career in Vaccine Clinical Development. If you have questions – or don’t see a From Academia to Industry (trademark) program in your institution please email us at truef@ruef-associates.com. I would love to speak with you directly.